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We will be opening on November 30th.  Please Call to Book Your Event or Catering (970) 367-5007

call ahead for carry-out or Catering.

 970 - 367 - 5007

Behind the BBQ

The Eagle BBQ opened in 2016 to showcase Colorado BBQ.  A style that encompasses many of the traditional American Styles. 

The owner, Darrell, grew up in rural Wisconsin on a Dairy and Beef farm that also raised Pigs, Turkeys, Chicken, and Sheep.  He learned a lot about slow cooking over wood with the freshest of meats on that farm.  His family spent a lot of time cooking home grown meals together that shared in all of the produce, meats, and eggs raised on their farm.  That experience, along with many restaurant cooking positions in Colorado, led to The Eagle BBQ.  He is carrying on that traditional American cooking style today and smokin’ low and slow.

The “Colorado Style BBQ” came from the notion that our state is a melting pot of people from all over the country and we bring the best home with our BBQ.  It has a little of the Wisconsin farm fresh, Carolina Pork and Slaw, Texas’ tender juicy Brisket,  Memphis’ use of fruit wood, and Kansas City’s BBQ Chicken.  

The 'que

Our specialty is the slow smoked Beef Brisket.  We use a dry rub and cure the meat for up to 8 hours.  Then into the smoker for 14 ½ hours with Cherry, Apple, and Plum wood.   The Brisket is served sliced to order or chopped on our sandwiches.

Along with the Brisket is a Pork Shoulder that is smoked over fruitwood on our Southern Pride pit.  We smoke it low for about 13 hours at 195 degrees before pulling the tender meat.  St. Louis ribs are dry rubbed, left to allow the flavors to marry, then smoked for around 4 hours and basted in an apple juice and Worcestershire mix that we call “smoky juice.”


PBR $4

Fat Tire $5

Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA $6


Colorado born and raised     est. 2016

ph: 970.367.5007
Copper Mountain, CO

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